Four reasons to build a well-edited and designed website!

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Author: Leo MA

According to ROI, Australia has more than 21 million Internet users, 93% of whom use the Internet every day. Therefore, businesses need their own website, whatever their sizes. Today, Adver Marketing lists four reasons for you to remind you why you need to build a well-edited and beautifully designed website.

1. Brand & Reputation

The first reason is that a well-edited website is your ‘digital business card’. For a business, a website is like a ‘digital sign’ or a ‘digital business card’, which represents the professionalism, beauty and rigor of the company. A well-edited, informative and updated website will add credibility to your business and strengthen your brand. Therefore, if you want to succeed for your company in the modern market, you must have a professional website.

2. Communication Link

According to Blue 16 (2018), a website that lives in a digital world is vital to any business. If you have a business but no website, you may lose business opportunities. According to Swiss Network (2021), a website is a communication link that your business needs. For example, when you run a pet rescue service, the website will be your highlight for organizing stories. You will highlight achievements and affiliations so that people understand your brand correctly and take some actions based on what you ask them to do. Therefore, the website is an important platform for you to tell stories to your customers. It allows your customers to understand what services you have and what successful projects your business has done before.

3. Marketing Business

According to a survey conducted by Sherman (2019), as of 2019, 88% of people in Western countries have tried online shopping, which means that marketing their own business through their own website is already an indispensable link. The website can be used to complete many different marketing strategies to help your business grow. People usually like to use the website as a ‘capstone’ to further attract customers and market their own business through advertising on social media platforms, Google, or search engine optimization. Therefore, a well-edited and well-designed website is the ‘front’ of a business and an important base for its marketing strategy.

4. E-commerce

On the other hand, a well-designed and edited website is also an important starting point for e-commerce. Imagine that when an attractive and trustworthy e-commerce website is compared with another seemingly ‘unsafe’ website that sells similar products, which one would a customer choose? According to the research of Cultural Interactive (2019), there is no doubt that people like websites that are trustworthy, simple and beautiful, and easy to operate. This is also an important consideration for people to shop online. In this case, even the size of the company can become irrelevant, and the trustworthiness of customers has largely come from the website rather than just your office. Julia (2019) discovered that if you are in the retail industry and want to reach a broad Australian audience, you need an online profile. If your company does not have an e-commerce website, then you may have missed the opportunity to reach a large portion of the population. Not only that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, people rely more on online shopping because it is convenient and safe without going out. As a result, an exquisite e-commerce website will help your retail business get more customers and create an opportunity for them to spend without leaving home.

All in all, a well-edited and designed website will help you achieve your business goals because it expands the brand and influence of the company, increases communication links, promotes marketing strategies, and is the most important part of e-commerce. If you also would like to edit and design your website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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