A Spring Food Bar

You may have heard of this Chinese restaurant in the CBD of Hobart.

Even in Hobart’s busiest Elizabeth St, they still need to tell passersby what kind of meals they provide.

For Adver Marketing, we solemnly recommend our unique insertable A-frame in Tasmania.

This kind of A-frame is different from the traditional one. Panels can be replaced and disassembled at will, so even if the artwork is damaged, there is no need to worry about the entire A-frame becoming unusable, and it can be replaced with new panels with different artworks. Activities and promotions make it easier for passers-by to find your business and increase the possibility of them entering the store.

Amazing quality and low price, convenience and practicality are the reasons why customers choose us. Currently, Adver Marketing is negotiating more business with A Spring Food Bar to help them attract more local residents and tourists in the later stages of the epidemic.

If you also want an Insertable A-frame that belongs to you, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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