Asian Gourmet on the Pier

As a well-known Chinese restaurant in Hobart, Asian Gourmet on the Pier has been bringing authentic Chinese cuisine to locals in Tasmania.

Adver Marketing completed search engine optimisation (SEO) for Google Maps and Zomato. The service has been running for three months and is in progress.

Through careful research, Adver Marketing found out what keywords the target diners of Asian Gourmet on the Pier like to search for, and how to choose their favorite restaurants.

Adver Marketing edited the Google Map description of Asian Gourmet on the Pier, the display information on Zomato, and manually added the Google Map address and Zomato address of the restaurant to different food sharing websites to attract traffic.

At present, the optimisation effect of Asian Gourmet on the Pier is obvious, which makes it obtain more reservations and sales.

If you also want to make it easier for more potential consumers to find you through search engine optimisation, please contact us immediately!

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