Hype Up the Tassie

Not long ago, we created a logo, images and content writing for a newly started Tasmanian social media platform called Hype Up the Tassie.

The logo is designed according to the nature of the business and the age class of the target audience.

Our professional designers designed an energetic logo for this media platform!

Of course, it is not just young people who use social media. We also completed the formal and traditional logo for this media platform!

Visual design is far from being able to use the software. It emphasises the accumulation of day and night, inspiration, and creativity.

Our designers are thinking over and over again in order to bring you the most visually impacting and expressive pictures.

In our understanding, the main purpose of the Hype Up the Tassie is to ‘tell the extraordinary stories of ordinary Tasmania residents, which means that it is diversified, seemingly ordinary, but also refuses to be mediocre.

To this end, we have made general poster pictures, as shown in the following picture.

After the completion of the design work, our content writers also provide Hype Up the Tassie with content for the audience to think about in the form of contributions.

(Content by Leo MA; Editing by Eden)

We hope to help more Tasmania enterprises and Tasmania residents through our professional skills. We are on the move, Hype Up the Tassie is also on the move.

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