Tashan Building

We have completed digital and physical marketing services for Tashan Building, from logo editing to artworks’ editing, design and printing of various printed products. All are completed by our company in one stop.

We edited the logo and translated the Chinese version of the logo to suit their target consumers with different language preferences.

For a company, business cards are indispensable. We edited and designed business cards and printed them.

We also edited the car sign for them and coordinated the printing and installation to allow them to ‘promote on the move’.

Adver Marketing has a huge network of cooperation, which allows us to fulfill all the marketing needs of consumers. We completed the editing and production of work clothes for Tashan Building.

For a company, having its own letterhead will make the company professional and formal. The picture below is the letterhead we edited.

In addition to the above services, our company also designed and edited a brand-new website for it: tashanbuilding.com.au

We have professionally designed and edited the website to make its text and image content professional and have a clear appearance to further attract consumers.

Currently, we are completing a one-year content update and editing service for Tashan Building.

Other services completed for Tashan Building are also in progress.

Update 12 June 2021

Adver Marketing has edited and produced safety signs for Tashan Building to further enhance Tashan Building’s brand and keep residents and workers safe.

At present, these boards have appeared in many construction.

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