Stripe – WordPress Webhook Setup

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Author: Leo MA

For new developers, Stripe setup is quite difficult for them, especially for the webhook settings.

Webhooks enable Stripe to deliver real-time push notifications to your app. Stripe uses HTTPS to send these notifications to your application as JSON payloads. These notifications can then be used to perform actions on your backend systems.

Therefore, we can set up webhook to make website owners and their customers receive updates and prompts from stripe at the first time.

This article will teach new developers how to set up webhooks.

  1. Go to the settings page of stripe and find the webhook option.
  2. Make sure you are in Stripe and open the “Webhook” on the left side of the “Developer” page
  3. Select “Add webhook” in Stripe
  4. Fill in the relevant URL (the URL can be found in the webhook section of the stripe settings page in WordPress)
  5. Add events to stripe’s webhook (*people usually use source.chargable and Charge.succecced) two events
  6. Save and create webhook
  7. Copy the key of the webhook and paste it into the stripe settings of wordpress
  8. Save and done!

If you want to know more specific knowledge, you can refer to Stripe’s documentation on webhooks:

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