Why do I edit points and badges with myCRED but they are not displayed on the front end?

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Author: Leo MA

Forums have always been a favorite online community media platform for people who use WordPress.

People can post, follow, get rewards, communicate and so on through the forum.

However, many website editors like to allow WordPress forum users to earn points. These points may be obtained by logging in, may be obtained by posting, or even by referring others to register for an account.

In WordPress, myCRED must be a plug-in that can meet people’s needs. It is an editable plug-in, which means that editors can add hooks through myCRED, so that they can get bonus points when customers perform different operations. Get different levels of medals when you reach a certain preset value.

There is no doubt that this is excellent for some people who want to develop Woocommerce in the future, because it allows the use of points to redeem products.

However, some customers recently discovered that they tried to edit myCRED, but it could not be displayed on the website.

In response to this issue, we found after investigation that myCRED may be compatible with BuddyPress, but it is not compatible with all forum systems.

For example, a client used WPForo to design and develop a forum website but failed when trying to edit myCRED. Don’t worry, WPForo has an integration plugin called’WPForo-myCRED Integration’. After purchasing this plugin, the content of myCRED should be displayed normally in every user of WPForo. Points and medals are not a problem!

Therefore, our conclusion is: When you find that your forum is not compatible with myCRED, try to communicate with your forum system provider and ask them if there are any addons that can be compatible with myCRED. This may be the fastest and best way.

For more information about myCRED, please visit: https://mycred.me/

For any digital editing issues, please feel free to send us an email to discuss solutions: info@advermarketing.com.au

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