Interested in running an e-commerce business? Start by understanding the difference between Woocommerce and Shopify!

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Author: Leo MA

Adver Marketing always receives a lot of enquiries from customers, inquiries that they want to set up an e-commerce website and start selling their products, but do not know what kind of online shop is more suitable for them.

Today, we will take Woocommerce and Shopify as an example to discuss their differences with you.

First, we must be clear: Shopify is a dedicated ecommerce platform that helps you build your own online store. It hosts your site for you, and gives you all the tools you need. In contrast, WordPress is an open-source platform . You need to host your own site, and install plugins like WooCommerce for ecommerce tools.

In other words, Shopify is a platform for launching an online store, and they provide you with the tools and server support you need to open an online store. For WordPress, however, things are a little more complicated, because WordPress requires people to manage their own servers and use their own skills (not tools provided by the platform) to complete the online store.

Adver Marketing Recommend Shopify if

-You have limited technical knowledge and want to create your own online store

-You want to keep good track of your budget

-You value convenience

WordPress is a little different. It comes in two forms – and is a blogging platform that works in the same way as a website builder, allowing you to easily create your own website. is self-hosted software, and is far more technically advanced. You can create just about any type of website with – including online stores – so it’s this version of WordPress that we’ll be comparing to Shopify.

Adver Marketing Recommend WordPress if

-You have some form of coding knowledge

-You have the budget to pay for a developer’s help

-You want total control over your site’s customization

Staggeringly, is the force behind almost a third of all websites on the internet. On the other hand, you have Shopify – a world-renowned ecommerce platform that’s used by major businesses and celebrities alike, and powers over 600,000 online stores in total.

All in all, if you want to build an online shop with basic functions, maybe shopify is enough. If you want to personalize your website and make it achieve powerful functions, then if you don’t have enough experience, it is recommended that you find a professional WordPress developer do it for you.

If you have any WordPress needs, please feel free to contact us!

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